DISCLAIMER: The 2005-2006 Legal Forms provided herein are intended for use by lawyers only. Triborough Land Services assumes no liability for the inappropriate use of said forms by unauthorized individuals.

Instructions: Click icon to download or open Forms. These are all INTERACTIVE PDF Forms. When operating the form, you must use the TAB BUTTON to move to the next interactive field.

E-tax Prep Request Form
Revised Combined Real Estate Transfer Tax Return, Credit Line Mortgage Certificate, and Certificate of Exemption from the Payment of Estimated personal Income Tax (TP-584)
Affidavit in Lieu of Registration Statement (Dept of HPD)
Carbon Monoxide Affidavit
Certificate of Non-foreign Status
Nonresident Co-Op Unit Estimated Income Tax Payment - Form IT-2664
Nonresidential real Property Estimated Income Tax Payment Form (IT-2663) - 2009 (updated)
Instructions for Completion of form IT-2663
Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund
Property Condition Disclosure Statement
Recording & Endorsement Cover Sheet - Suffolk County
Certificate of Acknowledgement (Within New York State)
Certificate of Acknowledgement (Outside New York State)
Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness (Within New York State)
Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness (Outside New York State)
253 - Affidavit (Natural Person)
255 - Affidavit (For Consolidation and/or Extension Agreement)
255 - Affidavit (For Exemption under Section 255 of the Tax Law)
255 Affidavit (Negative Amortization)
255 - Affidavit (Wrap-Around Mortgage)
255 - Affidavit (Wrap Holder Refinance)
275 - Affidavit (For Assignment of Mortgage)
Affidavit of Title
Common Exceptions Affidavit
Consolidation & Extension (Can be used for Spreader)
Subordination Agreement
Building Loan Contract
Contract of Exchange
Contract of Sale, Cooperative Apartment
Contract of Sale (Condominium Unit)
Contract of Sale (Commercial)
Contract of Sale (Residential)
Deed, Administrators
Deed, Bargain & Sale with covenants against grantors acts (Individual or Corporation)
Deed, Bargain & Sale without covenants
Deed Executors (Individual or Corporation)
Deed, Quitclaim (Individual or Corporation)
Deed, Warranty with Full Covenants (Individual or Corporation)
Survey Affidavit

House Lease Agreement

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Assignment of Mortgage with Covenant (Individual or Corporation)
Bond (Individual or Corporation)
Building Loan Mortgage
Certificate of Authority for Limited Liability Co. to Transfer/Mortgage Real Property
Certificate of Stockholders Consent to Mortgage
Collateral Assignment of Leases and Rents
Collateral Mortgage
Directors Resolution to Mortgage Corporate Property First Mortgage (Individual of Corporation)
First Mortgage
Mortgage Note
Mortgage Clause (Property is/is not improved by one or more structures with not more than 6 residential units, having separate cooking facilities)
Owner's Estoppel Certificate
Release of Part of Mortgaged Premises
Settlement Services Form
Subordinate Mortgage (Individual or Corporation)
Reverse Mortgage
Satisfaction of Mortgage (Individual or Corporation)
Substitute Mortgage
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Settlement Statement

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Settlement Statement & Optional Form for Transactions without Sellers
General Durable Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney NY Statutory Major Gifts Rider
UCC Amendment Addendum
UCC Cooperative Addendum
UCC Correction Statement
UCC Financing Statement
UCC Financing Statement Addendum
Additional Party Form for UCC-1
Additional Party Form for UCC-3
UCC Termination/Continuation/Assignment